Artist Spotlight: Nancy Freeborn

Nancy Freeborn is a dynamic performer who has charmed Thunder Bay for years. In her first headlining Pops performance, Nancy will bring modern hits, old classics, and maybe a few surprises to the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium on October 15th. We had a chance to sit down and get to know her a little better, check out our mini interview and don’t forget to see her live on stage!

Q: What is your favourite piece of music?

A: It is so difficult to chose a “number one” favourite, as it tends to change constantly. I will obsess over one song for months and think it’s the best song ever written. Then, I will find a new song to obsess over, and the last one is gone, just like that. Right now, I’m obsessing over “Proserpina” by Martha Wainwright.

Q: What are your hobbies outside of music?

A: My true passion is acting. I wish I had more time to do theatre, but even small roles can be very time-consuming. Between working, music and being a mom, I think my main hobby right now might be sitting on my couch and judging the life choices of reality tv stars.

Q: What is your favourite musical memory?

A: When I was a kid, my mum had a big stereo system in the living room, with big tall speakers. She loved it so much (and my brothers and I were not allowed to touch it haha). Well, she would blast music in the mornings on the weekends when she was cleaning…or maybe it was when she felt it was time for us to get out of bed! I still remember the feeling of being woken up to beautiful, crystal clear music blaring from downstairs. Elton John, Cher, Jackson 5. Sometimes when I hear certain Elton John songs, I get the same feeling.

Q: What does it feel like to perform in your hometown?

A: The only time I’ve ever performed elsewhere was a few coffee shop gigs many years ago in B.C. So, I guess I don’t really have anything else to compare it to! I hear a lot of people say that performing in front of people they know is more challenging or nerve wracking than performing in front of strangers. To me, I am in my own little world when I’m singing, so it all sort of feels the same to me. I’m happy to perform for anyone, anywhere.

Don’t forget to see Nancy live at the TBCA on October 15th for her Pops Series Debut: ‘Born for This: Nancy Freeborn’!


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