08 November 2024 - 7:30 pm Hilldale Lutheran Church


There is so much beauty and perfection in the world all around us that in these turbulent times it’s more important then ever to stop and appreciate the wonder and quiet power of nature. This concert is an ode to the world at large, to the expanse of land, sea and sky. Burge’s At Water’s Edge and Mozetich’s Postcards from the Sky are tributes to the exquisite designs of our planet. Your TBSC presents Christopher Tin’s glorious Grammy-nominated “The Lost Birds” which is a stunning elegy, and a cautionary tale on the extinction of the passenger pigeon.

Pärt – Beatitudes 

Burge – At Water’s Edge 

Mozetich – Postcards from the Sky 

Tin – The Lost Birds


Thunder Bay Symphony Chorus

Evan Mitchell, Conductor



Funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.