31 January 2025 - 7:30 pm Thunder Bay Community Auditorium


Who doesn’t love a good melody? This concert puts singable, memorable melodies at the forefront, guaranteed to have you humming along far after the concert is finished. We present a true safari of amazing tunes, from the lush romantic melody of Mahler’s legendary “Adagietto” to the lean, lithe and beautiful melodies from Haydn’s “Clock” symphony. Rounding out the program is Ryan Trew’s Symphony no. 1, a piece absolutely bursting with gorgeous, singing melodies from nearly every bar. If you like a good tune, this concert is absolutely for you. 

Trew – Symphony 1 

Mahler – Adagietto from Symphony 5 

Haydn – Symphony 101 “Clock” 


Evan Mitchell, Conductor



Funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.