Auditions – April 2020

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Principal Bassoon / Basson Solo (one year, possibly permanent)  English | Français      Audition Repertoire

Section Cello / Violoncelle de Section  English | Français       Audition Repertoire

The basic procedure for the video audition is this:
1. A qualified candidate may apply to audition, as per the advertisement.
2. Specific instructions regarding which excerpts from the list to record, and in what
order, will be sent out to the candidate.
3. Once recorded, the candidate will submit the file (or private YouTube link).
4. Since the audition is screened, the audition committee will only listen to the videos.
The proctor will watch the video for authenticity, and to ensure that recording
guidelines have been followed.
5. Any candidates who pass the video audition will be offered a two-week trial period
with the TBSO. This two-week trial period is effectively the “final round” of the
audition. (It is unscreened, since the candidate would be required to play in the

Auditions will be held April 17, 2020

Qualified candidates are invited to email their one-page resume to: [email protected] or complete the application form below.

If emailing, ensure that the resume is in PDF format, and that “Cello audition” or “Bassoon audition” is in the subject line of the email.

Resume deadline for both positions is April 3rd, 2020.