Fundraising Initiatives

2017 June Fruit & Cheese Fundraiser

Symphony volunteers organize fruit and cheese sales for distribution in mid-November, early March and mid-June. They also sell homemade preserves, jams, jellies, etc.

Contact Johan Terpstra, Fundraising Coordinator, to place your order today! 807.345.5238 /

Order Pick-Up:

June 14, 2017 from 9am to 9pm

Grandview Mall – Centre door

Late orders are accepted indefinitely (please contact Johan).

What's available?


  • 2-3-year St. Albert Cheese (2 pack of 1 lb. blocks) Great sharp taste!
  • 7-year Premium Maple Dale Cheddar cheese (Belleville). Rave reviews from Feb. sale (1 lb. blocks)
  • Grated Parmesan – Salerno (Gay Lea) product – Hamilton. Long appreciated!(500g)
  • Thunder Oak Cheeses – available in Gouda (medium and old), Jalapeno, Swiss and Garden Herb – smaller pieces about 1/2 lb., (250g)
  • Packages of 25 Snack Packs available in Marble, Medium, Old, Lite Medium, or Gouda – Black Diamond label, rectangular pieces (20g-23g)
  • Stilton – available in British ‘Blue’ and Stilton with pieces of mango and ginger
  • Extras at this sale will mainly be TBSO preserves. No other ‘extras’ will be available.


  • Satsuma Clementines (seedless Mandarins, preferred variety!, 14-15?/bag, loose skin. Easy to peel.)
  • Red Grapefruit from South Africa (Red flesh – Attractive skin – yellow w/red blush.)


  • 40-60 kinds of preserves available on sale pickup day to those who place an order and to the general public. Few, if any other “Extras” except Mandarins and Grapefruit will be available due to restricted space available at the mall.
  • * Preserves are available at all concerts and also through Johan at any time in the year (345-5238).
      Empty jars and lids always welcome!


Download your June Sale Order Form now!

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