Fundraising Initiatives

2018 March Fruit & Cheese Fundraiser

Symphony volunteers organize fruit and cheese sales for distribution in mid-November, early March and mid-June. They also sell homemade preserves, jams, jellies, etc.

Contact Johan Terpstra, Fundraising Coordinator, to place your order today! 807.345.5238 /

Order Pick-Up:

Thurs & Friday, March 8 & 9, 2018

Grassroots Church, 1250 Balmoral St.


What's New?

6b-Irish Cheddar w/ Chives – not available in the fall – will be available this time.

F-G: Macs and Spartans will be Ontario fruit.

B to H: All bags of fruit $20. Prices the same or $1 or $2/10lb. bag, to simplify the math, BUT

B to H: Mix and Match: any 4 bags of fruit – $70 – $10 discount!

No Florida GF, Granny Sm. or Ambrosia Apples. Less varieties of fruit to simplify distribution!

11b – Mozza – $1 less – new brand – Armstrong Pizza Mozzarella 450g replaces Saputo product. 

16 – (as in Nov.) Locally-roasted Rose N Crantz Columbian & Costa Rican coffee beans (bold flavor!).          Also a Mexicanbeans decaffeinated coffee using a water process

What's available?

A-C: Seedless Navels & Clementine Mandarins. Florida Valencias have seeds, but juicier than Navels.

Item 1a – St. Albert (near Ottawa) Extra-old Cheddar. This is an excellent sharp cheese. Our best seller!

Singles are available on ‘Extras’ tables, especially Thursday.

Item 1b This 7-yr. Cheddar is, once again, the Belleville Ontario ‘Maple Dale’ cheese.

Item 2a-c Orange ‘Armstrong’ twice World Champion Cheddars. 450g. each.

Item 3a An Extra-old white, Ontario Smoked Cheddar. Makes a great grilled cheese sandwich!

Item 3b The Cheddar w/ caramelized Onion is a British Wensleydale Cheese called Abbott’s Gold!!

Items 4a-b British Wensleydale Cheddars, cream-coloured, with tasty Apricot or Apple & Pear pieces.

Item 5 Blk. Diamond snacks are rectangular 20-23g = 500+ grams/bag.

Item 6a Brie made by Gunn’s Hill – a Southern Ont. artisanal cheese factory. Nothing softer or fresher!

Item 7a 5 Bros. Appenzeller/Gouda unique cheese, by Gunn’s Hill Ontario cheese factory. Best seller!

Item 7b This S. Ont. water-buffalo pkg. of 6 medium dried pepperoni sticks are a practical protein treat.

Items 8a-b Ont. Oxf. County Gunn’s Hill specialties. Med. Soft ‘Cheddar’: plain or w/ Garlic & Chives.

Items 9ab Blyth Ontario Goat Goudas plain and jalapeno varieties! These are firm and grate well.

Item 10a Blyth Ont. Goat Asiago. Tastes like cow’s milk Parmesan. Firmer than Cheddar. Grates well.

Item 10b Blyth Ont. Goat Cheddar w/ caramelized, beautiful wavy-patterned onion addition.

Note: Goat cheeses (No whey!) are suitable for those with a lactose intolerance.

Item 11a Gay Lea (Salerno) grated Parmesan, an excellent cheese made in Hamilton.

Items 12a&b The Stiltons are British imports. The ‘Royal Blue’ is a noted sharp cheese. It crumbles well onto salads. The cream-coloured Mango and Ginger variety is a tasty, popular dessert cheese.

Item 13 Canadian creamy Havarti cheeses (250g), distributed by Agropur of Montreal.

Item 14 Thunder Oak Cheeses. Swiss, Old, Extra-Old & Flavoured Goudas varieties at pickup.

Item 15 Thunder Oak curds. Packages are sometimes not vacuum-packed. Enjoy quickly!

Available at pickup – Extras of most orderform items. Also: Raspberry Parmesan; La Mancha sheep’s-milk Manchego; Dutch Coconut Gouda; Ontario maple syrup; local unpasteurized honey; Ont. creamed honey & many kinds of preserves. We’ll also have 2 PC Goat cheeses Blueberry & Cranberry! (10 each)


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