Fundraising Initiatives

2018 June Fruit & Cheese Fundraiser

Symphony volunteers organize fruit and cheese sales for distribution in mid-November, early March and mid-June. They also sell homemade preserves, jams, jellies, etc.

Contact Johan Terpstra, Fundraising Coordinator, to place your order today! 807.345.5238 /

Order Pick-Up:

Wednesday, June 13 from 9am-9pm

Grandview Mall – Centre Door – 640 River St.


What's available?

The Best Galas Available!

Attractive pink-yellow skin and red pulp.

Ont. ‘St. Albert’ cheese. Our best-seller! 2-pack.

Ont. ‘Maple Dale’ for the cheese connoisseur!

Thunder Oak Cheese: ½  our usual size/price.

Medium, Old, Jalapeno, Swiss & Garden Herbs.

Black Diamond label. 20-23g each. 500+g/25.

Med. Cheddar is orange, Old is white Cheddar.

Gay Lea. Co. from Hamilton ‘Salerno’ factory.

Bl. Is ‘Blue’. ‘M. & G.’ is Mango and Ginger.

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